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Full-Time Custodian for St. Anthony Church and School

We are looking for a proactive, efficient Custodian who possesses an understanding of proper cleaning methods for indoor and outdoor maintenance of the Church and School.

1. Ensure that all publicly accessible areas of the church and school are clean and ready for other staff members and the congregation to use, including bathrooms, sanctuary, entrance ways, classrooms, office rooms, kitchen and cafeteria.


2. Change light bulbs, vacuum, sweep, and mop floors, sanitize surfaces, make minor repairs, and restock items, such as toilet paper, paper towels, and other supplies.

3. Be responsible for maintaining snow removal of the sidewalks and keeping them ice free during the winter months according to school and church activities.

4. Mow lawns and maintain landscaping in the summer. Maintenance of lawn tractor and snow sweeper.

5. Maintain supply inventory, submit purchase requests when items needs to be replenished, and cleaning before or after events, such as weddings or funerals.

6. Expected to understand proper chemical handling procedures when working with cleaning agents, including wearing gloves, goggles, or masks and following written or verbal instructions.

To be a successful Custodian, you should be observant, respectful, motivated, and committed to providing church members, visitors, and staff with a clean, orderly place to worship and congregate.

The Custodian is expected to interact with parish and school staff and visitors in a respectful, positive manner.


To apply please use the following application and email it to or mail it to St. Anthony, PO Box 206, Athens, WI 54411.

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