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St. Anthony's SCRIP program offers gift cards and certificates at face value for 100 different local and well-known retail outlets and restaurants. The SCRIP program buys these cards at a discount (2%-10%). Three or four times a year, the profits are turned over to the parish. SCRIP is available for sale after and before weekend Masses and online. Please check the bulletin for summer weekday hours.


Scrip purchases made will count for a tuition reduction of 4% of the Scrip purchases (the entire average profit margin) for those parents with children in school. You can choose to pay full tuition or to reduce your tuition by that amount. The Scrip MUST be purchased by the immediate family. If Grandma or Grandpa want to "help out", they need to give the money to the parents and then have them purchase the Scrip.


Contact Lil Feiner or Joanne Roll (715-257-9274) with any questions.

To order online, use enrollment code L23EEFAF8541.  Orders from here will be checked and filled on Mondays.

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