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Please make sure that when registering, you have the correct church marked.

St. Anthony and St. Thomas now has a new system called My Own Church for updating your family information! Click the "My Own Church" button to create an account and get started updating you information.

Using My Own Church benefits you and St. Anthony and St. Thomas. Here are some of the advantages:

Benefits for St. Anthony and St. Thomas:

  • Access to your updated contact information

  • By updating your information for us, you’ll save our staff time and ensure that we’re able to contact you when we need to!

Benefits for You:

  • Ensure that your family, member, and contact information is correct

  • Access the St. Anthony or St. Thomas pictorial directory (and control what information on you and your family is available to other members)

  • View your giving history.


We hope you’ll take a few minutes to update your information—it’s a great help to your church staff and your church family!

If you have questions, please call the church office at 715-257-7684.

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